Responsibilities of chef in restaurants

Every restaurant’s reputation depends on a chef. If you have a dedicated and professional chef then you don’t need to worry about your restaurant. People are becoming more taste conscious and do not compromise on taste. So chef has so many responsibilities, he has to maintain the quality of food and taste. Approximately 90% chef are responsible for accomplishment that restaurant achieves. Food that serves in the restaurant is the first element that adds to its recognition. So chef should have the skills, he should have abilities to set a new paradigm within the food joint with intelligence. He should be able to cook almost every type of dished. If he knows about so many dishes that how to cook this thing will make him different and unique. Some kitchen companies in Dubai also provide you best and professional chef.  Mostly commercial kitchens in Dubai have best chef who can cook so many dishes. As a chef you have so many repsoibilites which you have to handle in professional way.

1. Have to develop new recipes

A professional and best chef is responsible for developing new recipes. He has to do experiments for days, months and even for years to present the new dish for their customers.

2. Planning for menus

This is really tough and big job because foodies choose 2 or 3 dishes from the hundred dishes printed on the menu card. But it is a tough job for chef to decide that what should be those hundred names on the menu card. Chef has the responsible to check and analyze the performance of each dish and review the dishes.

3. Have to manage customer relations

Best strategy of business is that you customer is satisfied with your services. So chef is responsible to manage the customer relation. He does not have to look after the kitchen but also have to take care of the complaints collected from the consumer, regarding any food quality or food preparation.

4. To train the kitchen staff

Chef should be most experienced, skilled an knowledgeable person in the kitchen. So one of the biggest responsibilities of chef is to train the kitchen staff and also ensure that they are doing their work efficiently.

5. Quality Control

It is responsibility of chef to control the quality of food.