Do cats require grooming just like humans do?

Cats are the beloved pets of people almost everywhere in the world. Cats can be easily litter trained especially when they are kittens. Cats love playing for which there are different toys in the market like mini battery operated mice and cockroaches that crawl. Easy way to get a cat play is by making a ball of paper and using it as a ball, cats are going to catch it. Kittens are more likely to be playful.

Keeping a cat or any animal as a pet brings several responsibilities just like adopting a human baby does. The cat needs to be vaccinated, groomed, litter trained and any unusual activity of cat has to be reported to the vet so he can guide you on how to deal with it. Consulting a veterinary doctor right on time can save your pet’s life and would not make you feel guilty in future. Cat grooming services are offered in pet salons or at the vets, but it can be done at home as well but requires patience and time.

Cat grooming at home

If you are planning to groom your cat at home, do remember to make it a fun time and it is best to get them groomed after eating or exercise. Watch your temper and be as kind and gentle as possible so the cat does not find it a torture activity but likes it.

First ever grooming session needs to be short and do offer your cat with treats every time she is done grooming. If the cat seems stressed then don’t groom her. If your cat has long and thick fur then they need to be brushed daily. First use metal comb to brush then go for bristle or rubber brush to remove any dead or loose hair. Be careful while brushing on their chest and belly area.

How to clip cat’s nails?

Clip the nails of your cat from the tips and avoid cutting pink area, use sharp cutter.

Before your cat the required bath, brush her hair well to remove dead and lose fur. Cats usually do not need to be bathed often but if the fur smells bad or seems sticky then you can do it. Place a rubber bath mat in the tub or the sink you re going to give your cat bath in. Fill tub or sink with a little water. Avoid water from going into the eyes, ears or nose of the cat. You can place cotton balls in the ears of the cat to avoid water from going in. Wet your cat’s fur using a pitcher or unbreakable cup. Then apply a mild shampoo specifically made for cats, massage shampoo from head to tail but note it down to not to let water or shampoo go into the eyes or nose of the cat.

Dry your cat well and you can blow dry her as well. After she is done with bathing keep her away from cold or direct air or else that would cause serious diseases related to lungs and breathing. It is amazing to know that  there are Dubai pet insurance services available as well.