Things you can and cannot store in a self storage unit

If you are willing to rent a storage unit then you are making a smart move as you will be able to minimize the clutter in your place and save time and energy both. If you are new to storage units then you must have several questions as to what you are allowed and not allowed to store in your unit. This is why here we have a quick guide to all those things you can store in self storage units in Dubai:

  • Seasonal equipments: With the changing seasons there are often different things that one needs and want to keep away. There can be summer equipments which can contain picnic items and winter equipments that will have sweaters and jackets, store that all in the unit instead of cluttering your house.
  • Household items: There are so many household things which one needs to keep away safe and use when the time comes. These items can be decorative pieces, books and extra furniture, kitchen items and toys etc. Every such thing can be easily store in them.
  • Electronics: All sorts of electronic items are usually accepted by storage services in Dubai but one thing which you need to think clearly through is that electronic items tend to get old soon and this is why keeping them in temperature controlled facilities will be a good idea.

Here are the items which you cannot store in storage services in Dubai facilities:

  • Hazardous items: Any such item which is flammable is not allowed in facility. Chemicals or cleaners, oil, grease or petrol any such item should not be stored in the facility as it can put everything in danger.
  • Unregistered vehicle: Those items or vehicles which are not legally registered cannot be stored in them. You will require proper documentation before parking in your cars, SUV, boats and etc.
  • Weapons: Such dangerous weapons which pose a threat are not allowed. Firearms and ammunition is a big no.
  • Food items: This is obvious and understood that any food item cannot be stored as it can perish away and leave a smell behind. From vegetables to canned foods, nothing is allowed.
  • Living things: No matter how tempting it sounds to lock your dog in, you still can’t do it.

With all of this information at hand, it would be clear to you as to what things you can and cannot store in a warehouse. Hence, make sure that you go through this list carefully.