The real deal with the wisdom teeth

Many people think that getting wisdom teeth would mean that they’re getting smarter or are smarter than other when in reality the name wisdom tooth does not have any significance behind it. They are called wisdom teeth because they usually come when you reach an age of maturity such as seventeen. They come in the back of the mouth and complete the set of 32 teeth with one on each side of the mouth.

You must have heard a lot of people telling you about how they got their wisdom teeth removed or how their dentist suggest them to be taken out. The reason behind getting rid of wisdom tooth is that most of them are not able to pop out the way they are supposed because a human mouth has got adapted to the set of teeth which they have been working with and for a new molar to make space for itself right now would be very difficult. Almost every other person gets rid of their new molar.

This is not the only reason that you could be suggested to get rid of wisdom tooth but because there are so many other problems which can come up later and getting rid of wisdom tooth would simply suggest as precautionary measure. Most of the time most people are at a brink of cyst due to the tissue around the jaw which can lead to bone loss in it.

Other than that, the tooth at the side can eat away the roots and cause harm to the nearby teeth as well. And it is also very common for bacteria and plaque to make its place on the tooth which is barely out but hard to brush through. This caught up plaque has a tendency to lead to cavities which can be very hard to get rid of. And if that side of the mouth needs a root canal in Dubai then it can be very hard to reach and the last option would be to get rid of the molar itself instead of putting other teeth in danger.

Dental veneers Dubai are also only available for the usual teeth and it is very hard to make one for the wisdom tooth. Try to save your other teeth instead of looking after the new one.